Personal Productivity – approach, applications, integration

Purpose of this website

My first introduction to Personal Productivity (aka Self Development) was the Franklin Planner. Since 1997 there have been steady technology advancements, collaborative teamwork tools, and a plethora of applications to work with. Over the years, I’ve been introduced to the work of David Allen (GTD – Getting Things Done) and Marshall Goldsmith. Their systems and approaches have enabled my capacity to delve into additional realms of self-development – Hypnotherapy (HMI), Heart Rate Variability (HeartMath), Macro-focused Social Work, and associative thinkers like Tiago Forte (who created a productivity methodology on-top of a GTD foundation). I’m also a Private Pilot, which (in my opinion) is an all-encompassing approach to self development.

This website is my reflection on how I’ve integrated various systems and tools to assist in this wonderful aim towards personal productivity. I have a fascination within the human condition, and you will find intersections addressing mind, body and emotions. I’ve found my learning is deepened and comprehensive when I commit thought and explanation to writing. As David Allen says, “More to come”.