Launch of new Podcast (via Anchor and Spotify)

I’ve created a new Podcast – “Paul Garth’s Week in Review”.

This will review key highlights from the week, that intersect with my various interests. I hope the content is interesting, and I look forward to your comments and feedback. Over time, I’ll fine-tune to match viewer interests.

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Martha McSally on Productivity – thru Fear


Finished reading “Dare to Fly” by Martha McSally – who was in the USAF, first female combat pilot, and also a US Senator. Interesting reading, and my focus here is on productivity and dealing with actions in the moment. It’s one thing to use list managers, calendars, tools, productivity systems. It’s another thing to acknowledge and transcend stuff like, “fears” – things that get in the way of desired outcomes.

Conquering Fear (various lessons from her father and military)

  • Do things Afraid:
    • The key lesson is that life is never neatly packaged as we would like it. Be in the moment. Don’t wait. Step into the fear and do it anyway. Overtime, it gets better.
    • As an aside, I remember years ago a guy from Siemens was interviewing with DA, and he said (I’m paraphrasing), “It’s important to have courage within our GTD systems”.
  • Create a Plan:
    • In GTD, this could be: Action Support; Desired Outcome; What Success Looks Like; addressing something from perspective of Horizons of Focus – from Runway to 50K, etc. She discusses chair flying, as that relates to flying fighter jets. One can also work in Virtual Machines/SIMs – trying out things without having to be concerned of failures.
    • Create some way points along the way, within your plan. That way you can focus on nearer term components of completion. Trust the people that will help you along the way. Don’t let overwhelm derail getting to the final destination.
    • Have complete faith and trust, while on your planned road. Have a healthy and positive attitude that things will work out, including possible blessings and miracles in disguise. Be OK (and even thrive) when you are in the middle of something, have no clue what will happen next, and be comforted knowing that help will arrive when needed – in other words, have a ton of trust along the way. Sometimes, life can be really challenging, but the higher level mission/purpose may be all that’s worth something – keep eyes looking forward. It’s OK to call a major timeout to yourself and the team, when things have gone off-center.


  • According to McSally, the USAF has this as their first core value – “Integrity First”. I also remember seeing this upon entering the CA National Guard at Camp Roberts. Integrity is a keyword for me personally, and something that is non negotiable.
  • The author focuses on integrity as being following the truth, regardless of size of the issue. I resonate with that as well. It’s important to maintain integrity for even the small things, when nobody is watching.
  • The concept of being true to your word is often said, but is a definite marker of Integrity, when achieved. The more I consistently deliver on what I said I would do, the faster I get towards being completely trusted by the other person/organization.
  • GTD has a principle of renegotiating commitments. This goes towards Integrity as well. If, for some reason, I cannot deliver on a commitment, then it’s vital to renegotiate (change a meeting time in the schedule, etc). People understand that things come up. What people can’t stand is not knowing a future change will happen without warning.